DesigniteJava is a code quality assessment tool for code written in Java. It detects numerous architecture, design, and implementation smells that show maintainability issues present in the analyzed code. It also computes many commonly used object-oriented metrics. It helps you reduce technical debt and improve maintainability of your software.

We offer two editions-Enterprise and Community.

DesigniteJava Enterprise

The Enterprise edition of DesigniteJava not only supports the features offered by the Community edition but also comes with additional features such as support to detect architecture smells. Other additions include cause of smell which plays a significant role to understand the reported smell and take corrective action along with many stability improvements and bug fixes compared to the community edition.

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DesigniteJava Community

It is free and open-source.

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DesigniteJava plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

The plugin analyzes your Java projects and identifies code smells at implementation, design, and architecture granularity. It also computes common code quality metrics to measure complexity, cohesion, and coupling.

The plugin tags methods and classes within IntelliJ suffering from smells to motivate you to refactor the method or class. Also, the plugin shows a tool window that lists code quality information (i.e., smells and metrics) of the active file to keep an eye on the code quality.